• Mount Belvedere: monument to the 10th Mountain Division
  • 10th's soldiers while transferring from Naples to Livorno
  • Winter 1944 - rain and mud stop the allies
  • A foxholes in first line
  • Monte Belvedere: a wicker basket to transport the manure is used for first aid
  • Soldiers marching at Campo Tizzorno
  • Soldiers with specific clothing and equipment
  • Aid men on the road between Iola and Castel d'Aiano

The arrival in Italy and the entry in the front line

10th's soldiers in locality "Al Ghiro" a Monsagrati - Lucca near Villa ColliThe troops were transported through Italy to the Gothic Line, first by train from Naples to the city of Livorno and then by truck to a staging area near the city of Pisa. From its staging area near Livorno, the 86th Regiment entered the front line just north of the town of Bagni di Lucca and over January 8 -9, 1945 relieving Task Force 45 in the Monte Belvedere area. They were protected on the right flank by the 1st Brazilian Infantry Division (BEF).

On January 15, 1945 the 85th and 87th regiments bivouac west of Pisa and entered the front line on January 20 in the Monte Belvedere area.