Mount Montello

Set in a dominant position north of the administrative capital Montese, the massive Montello (963 m asl.) represented the extreme German Defensive position on the north-western slopes of the Apennines on the second Gothic Line (Green Line II). A stronghold of which Mount Buffoon (927 m asl.) and the surrounding peaks made part. The restored main fortifications that can still be seen today are located close to the rock walls of the Lastra Bianca (White Rock) on the northern slopes of Montello and consist of a command post, trenches, shelters, reserves for ammunition and mortar emplacements, all connected to each other. After the liberation of Montese on April 14, 1945, the Brazilian troops FEB (Força Expedicionaria Brasileira) repeatedly attacked the defensive stronghold of Montello with the help of artillery without being able to overcome it: the German troops only retreated, undefeated on April 18, after days of fierce fighting.