The F.E.B. in the Reno Valley

In the early days of November,1944 the FEB was transferred from Garfagnana to the war front in the Reno Valley flanking the Americans. During the winter the south American troops found extreme cold conditions, snow and humidity along the Apennines, constant enemy attacks were trying to undermine the physical and psychological resistance of the Brazilian troops not accustomed to low temperatures and already under pressure from more than three months of fighting at the front. Between November 24 and December 12, 1944, Brazilian soldiers participated in the unsuccessful attacks on Mount Castello, one of the strongholds of the German defense. All attempts failed as well as the attempts to free Mount Belvedere: Brazilians and Americans left behind many casualties. Only after the arrival of the American 10th Mountain division, trained and equipped for war in the mountains did this situation end.