• Mount Belvedere: monument to the 10th Mountain Division
  • 10th's soldiers while transferring from Naples to Livorno
  • Winter 1944 - rain and mud stop the allies
  • A foxholes in first line
  • Monte Belvedere: a wicker basket to transport the manure is used for first aid
  • Soldiers marching at Campo Tizzorno
  • Soldiers with specific clothing and equipment
  • Aid men on the road between Iola and Castel d'Aiano

The operation Encore, the attack to Mount Belvedere till the Winter Line

From January 28 and 29 troops of the 85th and 87th Regiment relieved the 86th Regiment that lead the assault on the German line at Riva Ridge (Pizzo di Campiano, Monte Cappel Buso, Monte Serrasiccia, Monte Mancinello and Le Piagge) during the night of February 18 and 19.

Sherman tank destroyed by a German mine     At 11pm on February 19, General George P. Hayes commander of the 10th Mountain Division sent the order for the attack, on the Gothic Line, to the three regiments. In order to achieve maximum surprise there was no artillery fire. The ground forces were supported by reconnaissance aircraft led by "Rover Joe" and coordinated on the ground by "Rover Pete". The assault of 87th Regiment developed from the departure line, near the village of Quercianella to the locality of Corona.

The 2nd Battalion turned west through the small village of Polla to Rocca Corneta.

The 1st Battalion turned on the left slope towards the summit of Monte Belvedere simultaneously the 3rd Battalion of the 85th Regiment were climbing up from the southern slope. Monte Gorgolesco was assaulted by the 1st Battalion of the 85th Regiment and Mazzancana from the 3 rd Battalion of the 86th Regiment. After breaking through the German line, the action proceeded to Ronchidoso, Monte della Torraccia on February 24, 1945, Monte Terminale in the Iola di Montese area on March 3, the small town of Pietracolora on March 4 and the hill town Castel d'Aiano was seized on March 5, 1945. The three regiments of the 10th Mountain Division held their positions on Monte Grande d'Aiano and Monte della Spe for the following two weeks