Mount Terminale

Mount Terminale (1,008 m asl.) overlooking the village of Iola, was fortified by the Germans of the 232nd Infantry Division from the summer of 1944 as part of the defensive structures of the last retreat of the Gothic Line (Green Line II). On the morning of March 3, 1945, after a fierce battle with strokes of machine gun and mortars, the mountain was conquered by the men of the 2nd Battalion of the 86th Regiment of the American 10th Mountain Division.

 The loop trail up to Mount Terminale winds through chestnut trees. On the ridge near the summit partly restored German trenches are still visible today, which were later used by the Americans during the battle for the village of Iola.

 On the crest of Mount Terminal near the oratory (early twentieth century) of the same name, a German observatory was recovered, while descending on the other side you can visit the reconstruction of a refuge used as a shelter by the population during air raids.